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Do Not Pass Go - 11/5/15

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Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200

Many Americans were able to escape their woes stemming from the Great Depression by playing Monopoly. Parker Brothers first introduced the popular board game for the first time on this day in 1935.

At one time, Monopoly was America's favorite board game. This past time had entertained family and friends using street names from New Jersey's very own playground, Atlantic City. Becoming a tycoon was as simple as rolling the dice and buying all of the properties in sight. Although I would not be surprised if you do not remember the last time you played the board game. Unfortunately physical board games are becoming less popular as the rise of Facebook (FB) and mobile devices attract millenials. Yesterday evening Facebook announced record earnings with the stock reaching an all-time high today. With over a billion daily users, advertising revenue is growing and the social network is connecting the world on another wavelength. 

If this post brings gives you a nostalgic vibe then you maybe you should collect $200 and play Monopoly online.

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