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Golden Advice from Michael Ojo and Vijar Kohli

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Golden Super Bowl Advice
Everyday is the Super Bowl when it comes to your investment portfolio. You need a strong trusted portfolio of investment assets on your team as well as a good coach. One who knows how to communicate and keep the team together, especially through tough times. 
The tough times have definitely hit the market hard this year and has been affecting many personal investment and retirement portfolios. Now is the time to be sure you have a Super Bowl caliber team.
Super Bowl Tip #1: To get started you can observe which 2016 Golden Super Bowl commercial was most memorable during the game. Remember public companies such as Anheuser-Busch (BUD) and Pepsico (PEP) spend millions of dollars to win customers, resulting in more business that may translate into more profits after the game.
Tackling the volatile market
International turmoil has severely impacted the economic growth of the United States. The stock market has experienced three weeks of major selling due to shrinking Chinese economic figures and declining crude oil prices. A large portion of the overall market price drop can be attributed to margin investors selling a sizable number of their positions trying to prevent larger than anticipated losses. 
Investing in today's market has become a game where you must trust your gut and have great coaching in order to keep your portfolio in a winning position. The market is coming off of a three year high, meaning there are no assurances on what will presumably occur during the remaining of 2016 and into 2017. We would advise you to(1) review your portfolio holdings closely and understand the risk of each position prior to taking any definitive actions; (2) determine the worth of holding each position throughout the foreseeable market volatility; and (3) stay current on global economic news and obtain investment clarity from a trusted source.

Last Friday, January 22nd, the S&P 500 finally finished the week positive for the first time this year. Despite the good news, we do not expect the worst to be over anytime soon and would advise you to move with diligence and caution. Notwithstanding the current state of the economy and stock market, well positioned investors can still cover a lot of yards to advance closer to the end zone.
Please read more about market views in our 2015 shareholder letter.
Let's make a touchdown in your portfolio this year together.
-Michael Ojo & Vijar Kohli
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