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Hump Data 10/21/15

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Investors are placing more confidence in the market because of the following:
  1. China’s stock market, Shanghai Composite Index, has increased 8% within the past month. 
  2. Commodities stopped free falling – oil is steadily getting back to the $50 a barrel range
  3. Investors are becoming more accepting to the fact that interest rates are rising
The market has begun to stabilize in the month of October, showing that investors are beginning to see more clarity as to where US and Foreign economics are going. There is great reason to believe that markets will not be as volatile as they were in August and September, as companies continue to release third quarter earnings. It is imperative to read into earnings in order to evaluate the future of the economy. We believe that the economy is transitioning to be more consumer driven, which indicates that the companies who are able to cater directly to consumers will perform well.
At the time of this commentary Michael Ojo, his family and/or clients of Golden Door Asset Management held no positions in the stocks mentioned above — although positions can change at any time.
Michael Ojo is the Account Manager of Golden Door Asset Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor specializing in individual and high net worth individual private wealth management. For more information on investing with Golden Door Asset Management, LLC please visit our website, Golden Door Asset Management, LLC is a New Jersey LLC, with its principal office located in Manalapan, NJ.
Michael Ojo is also the publisher of CareStocks, a newsletter focusing in on healthcare services, medical equipment, technology and real estate stocks. More information to the newsletter can be found at
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