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Interest Rates on the Run - 11/10/15

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Due to the drop in unemployment and recent consumer outlook, the Federal Reserve is now mentioning a possible interest rate hike in December. While a few months back the news of a rate hike scared investors who thought it would slow down the market, the news of a rise possible happening next month no longer comes as a surprise. Most investors are prepared for a rise to happen and so should you.

What to look for when Rates rise

  1. Stocks: After a rough two months for the stock market. November started off strong as the market has shown some soft guidance for growth. Some great companies have been undervalued due to market sentiment from foreign news and uncertainty of rates. Now with more assurance these undervalued companies can become a great investment for your portfolio.
  2. Bonds: The rise in rates mean that the current low yielding bond market will provide a higher return on investment. These fixed income investments may be something to consider when rates rise.
  3. The U.S. Dollar: The value of the dollar in comparison to foreign currency will be attractive for the U.S. when transacting with foreign markets. Even for travelers, there will certainly be more cost savings travel opportunities.
One thing you should know is that an interest rate rise is coming and it very well can be in December of 2015. The increase can benefit your investment portfolio in several ways. To find out how you can benefit from rate rising please contact Golden Door Asset Management.
At the time of this commentary Michael Ojo, his family and/or clients of Golden Door Asset Management held no positions in the companies mentioned above — although positions can change at any time.
Michael Ojo is the Managing Director of Golden Door Asset Management, LLC,a registered investment advisor specializing in individual and high net worth individual private wealth management. For more information on investing with Golden Door Asset Management, LLC please visit our website, Golden Door Asset Management, LLC is a New Jersey LLC, with its principal office located in Princeton, NJ.
Michael Ojo is also the publisher of CareStocks, a newsletter focusing in on healthcare services, medical equipment, technology and real estate stocks. More information to the newsletter can be found at
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