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TGIF – To Good Investments and Finances 10/23/15

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TGIF! To good investments and finances, first comes knowledge! Today you will learn about Purchasing Managers’ Manufacturing Index referred to as (PMIs).
Why should you care about PMIs?
PMIs tells us what is happening with private manufacturing companies and how it is affecting our economy. The index is a survey of select companies to provide investors with an indication of how the economy is performing. This index tracks the changes in manufacturing companies by surveying selected private companies on topics such as new orders, inventory levels, employment, and prices across the manufacturing sector. This is important because (1) Manufacturing is a very important sector of our economy due to the size of the industry, (2) It provides details on overall employment and whether people are getting jobs (3) It foreshadows global product and consumer demands – validating consumers purchasing habits.
Today’s PMI Manufacturing Index Flash was 54, the best since May. New orders are at a seven month high but Manufacturers remain cautious about decreasing inventory levels, especially because of the strong dollar resulting in lower raw material. We will continue to provide you with details on PMIs and how it is depicting our economy.
At the time of this commentary Vijar Kohli, his family and/or clients of Golden Door Asset Management held no positions in the stocks mentioned above — although positions can change at any time.
Vijar Kohli is the Portfolio Manager of Golden Door Asset Management, LLC,a registered investment advisor specializing in individual and high net worth individual private wealth management. For more information on investing with Golden Door Asset Management, LLC please visit our website, Golden Door Asset Management, LLC is a New Jersey LLC, with its principal office located in Manalapan, NJ.
Vijar Kohli is also the publisher of CareStocks, a newsletter focusing in on healthcare services, medical equipment, technology and real estate stocks. More information to the newsletter can be found at
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