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Thursday’s – Teaching 10/22/15

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Thursday’s teaching is on ‘The Smack of fiscal corruption’, which Congress enacted on October 22, 1988. The smack of fiscal corruption enforced stricter penalties for securities fraud and insider trading.
Why is this important
This regulation enforces a safer and more balanced opportunity for honest investors to safely invest in the market without the threat of corruption or unmoral acts by investment managers. This is imperative because as an investor, you want to know that your money is safe and is put to use with a degree of transparency. Regulations in today’s market make it extremely difficult for any particular group or individual to make fraudulent investments due to unfair knowledge.
This means you are able to attain the same information available to wealthy investors such as Warren Buffet. Retaining great public information and using the information to make great investments, is important to having a lucrative investment portfolio.
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