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‘Tuesday-Tip’ Get used to working from home 10/27/15

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If you work an office job chances are management is thinking of allowing the option to work from home. The trend of working from your own domicile is becoming more of a new normal.
The benefits of working from home are still being measured depending on the company, industry, and the position requirement. The rapid advancement of technology is making it more susceptible to transfer previous office jobs to remote positions, which will be another addition to how the work environment changes, resulting in cost efficiencies and improved performance.
Why is working from home more common now?
Although remote work won’t be feasible for all jobs, it is estimated that half of U.S. workers have a job that can be done from home. Companies are creating more opportunities to work from home which can be an added benefit for you and your employer. Remote work is said to (1) reduce company cost, (2) allow companies to cut their carbon footprint, and (3) allow the employee and employer to benefit from productivity gains and more efficient work accountability.
Ask your employer if they are considering a work from home program, if there is not yet one in place. If you come across the opportunity to work remotely then be sure that you properly prepare yourself for the change in routine. As we continue to see companies both large and small utilize the work from home option it will translate to lower office costs, but may increase remote system and training costs. The way of the future does not come without a price tag. It’s just a matter of capitalizing on the advantages.
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