Technology primer

Technology is a fast moving industry, making it tough to stay on top of industry changes. If you're not inside, you're outside. 

And that's why I made this primer. For years, I had trouble following the changes across multiple technology verticals. Hardware, software and services are all evolving at different speeds. Which is great for society but tough for investors. This primer is my attempt to piece together those moving parts.


This is the bread and butter of the electronics industry. Semiconductors chips power much of the modern world today. In fact, I think investors will be surprised to learn that America's third largest export are Integrated Circuits (ICs), making it a critical resource in our economy. We also export much of our chip design and software to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. If you would like to learn more, check out our semiconductors primer.


Learn how internet data is transferred across the globe. 

The bandwidth problem

Internet traffic is essential in the economy today. Data centers and telecom networks are at the heart of internet traffic. So how do we invest in these markets? Well, fortunately many of these industries have matured since the early 2000s, making it easier for investors today. For example, Verizon or Digital Realty have become more like utility stocks than high-risk technology investments.

Learn more in our data center primer.

The telecom problem

Investing in 5G is not a new idea. The world has been investing in broadband infrastructure for decades. We need high speed internet to grow exponentially. Which builds upon our bandwidth problem. Read our telecom primer here.

Cyber security

Now on the front end of technology, there is a lot of software you can invest in. But only cyber security will protect you from the millions of threats that impact billions of people everyday. Sure, most threats are protected against. But we are only 1-2 breaches away from critical infrastructure shutting down or costing big businesses billions in lost revenue.

Read more in our cybersecurity primer.

Endpoint security

How protected is your company's database? What are the security holes you have not insured against?

Threat detection

Do you know how many cyber attacks happen around the globe everyday?